geographic information systems (gis) as a strategy

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in this task you will be concerned with determining what types of data would be necessary to develop a marketing application using gis.

1.research the applications that are being developed in the realm of geographic information systems.
2.explain how geographic data could be used to promote a business to its customers. a.what would be some uses of this technology at your own company?
b.identify and analyze any ethical and legal ramifications of using gis as a strategy. your argument with properly apa formatted citations and a reference list.
suggested readings

esri, inc. (2012). what is gis? redlands, ca: author.[web]

murray state university (producer). (2010). business gis and business mapping in marketing [video]. available from youtube. [web]

sui, daniel. (2009). is mashup the true spirit of gis and geography? geoplace. [web]

u.s. geological survey (usgs). (2007). geographic information systems. washington, dc: u.s. department of the interior. [web]
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