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from the case study, imagine that jextra has expressed interest in hiring you a manager for one (1) of its stores in malaysia. you must fly to malaysia to interview for the position. determine the skills, strengths, or qualities that you possess, relative to the seven (7) dimensions of the global leadership and organizational behavior effectiveness (globe) model, that would increase your odds of securing the position. if you were hired as the manager in malaysia, predict the major cultural paradoxes that you would face, and suggest the key actions that you could take in order to prepare for such paradoxes.
imagine that you have worked in several capacities in different departments within your present company. this week, your company has promoted you from department manager to ceo, just as it begins to participate in international business. devise at least five (5) rules that address conflict of interest for your company within this new context. provide a rationale for your response.
determine the key reasons why economic freedom is so critical to multinational companies (mncs). provide one (1) example from the information that you learned about china to support your response.
recommend two (2) ways in which multinational managers could apply the overarching principles from the four (4) major religions of the world in order to contribute positively to the business culture of a society. provide a rationale for your response.
outline the opportunities for and threats to h-d that its closest foreign competitor poses. propose the strategic manner in which you, as a manager, would use the information that you have outlined to your advantage.
examine two (2) instances when multinational companies have used offensive or defensive competitive strategies. determine the major advantages that global companies would have over domestic competitors in sustaining competitive advantage as a result of using offensive or defensive competitive strategies.
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