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1. of the numerous key differences between domestic and international human resource management (hrm), i’ve selected the difference of ihrm’s having a broader set of perspectives. this is due to international organizations being required to address three different employee types or categories; hcn’s, pcn’s and tcn’s. hcn’s, or host country nationals, are employees who are still citizens of the country where the international company is located. pcns, or parent country nationals, are the expatriates who work in another country different than their birth country. lastly, tcns, or third country nationals, are mostly those who are government or military contracted staff. the contracted staff are neither representing the contractor or the host nation. ihrm’s need to be trained in multicultural training to position them to best service international staff. (julita, 2015) in dealing with international real estate, i’ve had to engage our ihrm staff to assist with staff in bangalore, india. i wanted to ensure that before our project started i understood the culture and how best to communicate with staff. this would especially be necessary when i traveled to bangalore to ensure i understood proper cultural educate. without an ihrm to help manage the cross-cultural differences, not taking into account the international staff’s customs and culture could result in offending and thus bring efforts to a holt. especially in some cultures were something as simple as handing a business card can be considered rude if not provided correctly.

julita (2015) - difference between ihrm and domestic hrm, ihrm vs domestic hrm. retrieved october 26, 2015, from


one key difference between working as a domestic human resource manager and an international human resource manager is the greater risk for exposure when working as an ihrm. since ihrm are responsible for working with employees in the parent-country nationals, the host-country nationals, and the third-country nationals, they are more vulnerable in regards to dealing with political risk and terrorism.

i have a very good personal example for this, although i am going to have to be vague… my husband works for a subsidiary of a large technology corporation. a few months ago they experienced a security breach by chinese hackers. needless to say the managers from their parent-country headquarters in south korea were not amused by this turn of events. the entire company was on edge in fear of what would happen next, of course including the members of the ihrm. luckily no serious information was compromised and they were able to get things under control.

this example highlights the difficulties faced when working as an international human resource manager because of the expatriates they have to deal with. the ihrm team also had to make travel arrangements for several powerful members of management to travel to the host-country. when working as a domestic human resource manager you are responsible for only employees within your organizational boundaries who also operate within the same country.

works cited:

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