global marketing taske export and import management

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in 2 days i need my taske for the gm course
1.research task (respons must be at least 50 words)
suppose you volunteered to be your company's letter of credit expert. do research in globaledge and also visit two global banks' websites to prepare a short report on lc including procedures and requirements for lc, the services the banks offer in regard to lc and training the banks provide in lcs (if any).
2.current events task
your task is to follow the global marketing news around the world. you are to find and briefly summarize/analyze one article that is related to the topic of the chapter(s) we are covering in the unit. your analysis should reflect a good understanding of the concepts in the chapters you studied. you are required to use reliable sources (ex: the economist, businessweek, scholarly articles, etc.; wikipedia is not acceptable) and cite them in the apa style.
topic:export and import management
chapter overview:
(1. organizing for exports
2. indirect exporting
3. direct exporting
4. mechanics of exporting
5. role of the government in promoting exports
6. managing imports—the other side of the coin
7. mechanics of importing
8. gray markets) are to reply to your classmates' responses (always related to the topic and in a respectful manner; no personal attacks please). each of your responses must be at least 50 words.
the classmates' responses is:
oil ceos press obama administration to lift export ban (link)
an interesting twist to the typical scenario where exporters are attempting to influence legislation in foreign countries to promote exports.
ever since the arab oil embargo in 1973, united states oil producers have been banned from exporting oil overseas. however, with the increase in us oil production and lower selling price in the us market; oil companies are lobbying to allow overseas export of oil.
kopecki, d., & olson, b. (2015, march 12). oil ceos press obama administration to lift export ban. business week. retrieved from
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