Project Description:

1. do you think the president of the united states has too much or too little power under the u.s. constitution? explain. (don’t make this long)

2. weekly task:

list the president’s responsibilities.
what is the state of the union address?
briefly explain the process of impeachment.
what qualifications are required of the president under the u.s. constitution?
list five characteristics that americans look for in their presidents.
what were the three reasons for establishing the office of vice-president?


short answer ( 5 points each)

directions: choose 6 out of 9 of the following:

1. explain federalism. why was this concept important to america’s founders?

2. list seven ideas that influenced the thinking of america’s founders.

3. despite our diversity, how are most americans united?

4. where did most americans get their news until 1960? what changed in that decade?

what is currently happening to newspaper circulation?

5. how many members are there in the u.s. house of representatives? how many in the

u.s. senate? how is each apportioned?

6. explain how the constitution divides war power.

7. define bureaucracy. what are bureaucrats?

8. in social policy, what do liberals advocate? what do conservatives advocate? which

do you prefer? why?

9. what five broad steps encompass the policy-making process?
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