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i am attaching the problem, all pages need to be completed within 24 hours. please review the material and see that you understand it before you say you can do the work. i only want people who understand that the debits have to match the credits for each journal entry, and experts that are familiar with the correct account names when it comes to governemtn accounting. like when money comes in from in is is under transfers in, and when another fund advances you money it is advacne from ---- fund. (the --- woudl be the name of the fund) and money that is due from other funds would be for example (due from general fund)when doing hte closing entries you would most likely have accounts like operating revenues, non operating ervenues, transers in, operating expenses -cost of sales and service, operating expenses-administration, operating expenses - deprecation, and net assets. please do no ask for me to send the question again, it is all here, in the attachment, but know that i really only want people who are familiar with this kind of accounting.
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