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position paper task
 write a 4 to 8 page position paper on a current public policy issue facing the national government of the united states. your topic may also impact state and local governments however, the issue must be one that it is being debated at the national level. some suggested topic choices are listed below. you may choose one of the suggested topics or research a topic on your own. be sure to check your final topic selection with your instructor.
 all position papers should be typed, double-spaced, and contain 12 point times new roman font.
 if time permits, you may be asked to make a brief and informal class presentation of your topic.
 this task will constitute 25% of your course grade.
essential components of your position paper
1) a comprehensive introduction with a thesis statement
2) brief summary of the arguments of the opposing sides of your issue
3) your own observations, analysis, and recommendations on the issue. be sure to consider the context of government structure. make sure you include your recommendations as to how the federal government should resolve your issue. (for example, if you are writing about abortion, should congress and the states approve a constitutional amendment banning abortion?)
4) wrap-up and conclusion paragraph
5) bibliography (mla format preferred) – parenthetical/endnote citations are not
necessary. (must use at least 5 sources, including 2 print sources)
position paper topic suggestions
death penalty national id card stem cell research abortion

affirmative action
no child left behind
gay marriage
medical marijuana medicare prescription plan physician-assisted suicide
patriot act
department of homeland security
social security
eminent domain
illegal immigration
high school/college military recruitment
grading rubric for position paper
(a): excellent introduction/thesis; excellent use of supporting details; very good and accurate historical facts and ideas; exceptional organization; paper is persuasive or carefully reasoned; excellent use and format of citations; infrequent and minor grammatical errors.
(a-/b+): intelligent but less effective introduction/thesis; effective use of support details; mostly good use of historical facts and ideas; sound organization; paper is somewhat persuasive or somewhat reasoned; generally good use and format of citations; few grammatical errors.
(b): a “safe” essay, carefully done; adequate introduction/thesis; good use of support details; uses some historical facts and ideas; good organization; paper conveys writers ideas clearly; somewhat good use and format of citations; few grammatical errors.
(c ): introduction/thesis imprecise; superficial or absent support of details; use of historical facts and ideas may be incomplete/missing; analysis is general and vague; uneven development through the written language (prose); organization is adequate; incorrect use and format of citations; several grammatical errors.
(d): inadequate response-if an introduction/thesis exists it is hiding and it is up to the reader to find it; inadequate support details; use of historical facts and ideas may be incomplete or inaccurate; weak organization; major problems with use and format of citations; inconsistent grammar and diction.
(f): no discernible introduction/thesis; the prompt may not be addressed; inaccurate use of historical facts and ideas; rambling generalizations may be substituted for real analysis; the written language (prose) is weak and shows lack of development and organization; no use of citations; numerous grammatical errors
sample mla bibliography format page
see website linked below for a model on how to complete a bibliography in mla style:
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