group development application paper

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ndividual task. this is your common task for hdl

group development application paper students will develop a plan for leadership utilizing groups.

in your current/future career setting, design/develop a specific, concrete, workable plan for utilizing groups.

include the following: 1) introduction: description of the career setting for which this is designed; 2) justification of utilization of a group in this setting for the designed purpose listed (5 research articles included about best practices related to leadership and group - there is a library guide link on this course site or search scholarly articles on google or yahoo) 3) your specific plan: include the group theory or theories utilized, and how you would organize this group (structure, background factor considerations, your leadership/followership style, stages of development such as how you would structure the "forming" stage of the group, decision making approaches, etc. -- what you need to consider as you begin this group; 4) a personal reflection about what you learned from the development of this application project. the paper will be 7-9 pages. design a plan that could be utilized by you or by an entity in your current/future career setting.

the paper will be 7-9 pages.
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