group observation paper # 2 interview (leadership)

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interview a leader currently working in your current or future career field about how groups are utilized in that organization. choose someone in a leadership role and interview them about the utilization of groups in that organization. write 5 pages paper based on the interview. include demographics and background information of the person interviewed (position, company, years with company, etc). include (1) rationale for choosing this person/organization, (2) the individual’s background and experience with utilizing groups, (3) for that organization, ask the 5w1h questions: who, what, when, where, why and how are groups utilized? be sure to ask about the qualifications or experience of the person facilitating/running the groups (4) what does the interviewee know about other groups used in the organization (5) what groups would the interviewee like to use, why, and how would these be beneficial for the organization? (6) based on your knowledge of groups and this career field, how do you think you would use groups in this particular career setting? and (7) reflection: what have you learned from this interview?

note, create an interview even it not real, use (best interview female).
i hope to keep the style simple and use the common words as what i write for each task. be careful when you get anything from internet because my professor will check for any plagiarism.
i will send some example from my last tasks, also, some lessons from this class.
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