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answers this questions from this book foundations of marketing (fifth edition) each chapter 10&11 must be 2 or 3 pages and with separate task.
the link of this book is

(it is very important that ends tomorrow)

chapter 11 :
1-identify whether your product will be the modification of an existing one in your product mix, or the development of a new product.
2-if the product is an extension of one in your current product mix, determine the type(s) of modifications that will be performed.
3-using figure 11.1 as a guide, discuss your product idea would move through the stages of new-product development. examine the idea using the tests and analyses included in the new-product development process.
4-discuss how the management of this product will fit into your current organizational structure.

chapter 10:
1-using figure 10.2 as a guide, create a matrix of the current product mix for your company.
2-discuss how the profitability of your product will change as it moves through each of the phases if the product life cycle.
3-create a brief profile of the type of consumer who is likely to represent each of the product adopter categories of your product.
4-discuss the factors that could contribute to the failure of your product. how will you define product failure?
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