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answers this questions from this book foundations of marketing (fifth edition) each chapter 12&14 must be 2 pages with single space and separate task. the link of this book is (it is very important that ends tomorrow) chapter 12 1- does your company currently compete based on price or nonprice factors? should your new product continue with this approach? 2- discuss the level of demand for your product. is additional needed for you to determine its elasticity? 3- at various price points, calculate the break-even point for sales of your product. 4- using figure 12.8 as a guide, discuss the various factors that affect the pricing of your product. chapter 14: 1- marketing intermediaries perform many activities. using table 14.2 as a guide, discuss the types of activities where a channel member could provide needed assistance. 2- using figure 14.2 (or 14.3 if your product is business product), determine which of the channel distribution paths most appropriate for your product. given the nature of your product, could it be distributed through more than one of these paths? 3- determine the level of distribution intensity that is appropriate for your product . consider the characteristics of your target market(s), the product attributes, and environmental factors in your deliberation. 4- discuss the physical function that will be required for distributing your product, focusing on materials handing, warehousing, and transportation.
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