hazardous materials

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the national fire protection association (nfpa) has developed a hazard warning symbol called the nfpa diamond. the type of hazard (flammability, health, reactivity) is indicated by color and location. hazards are rated from zero (very low) to 4 (extreme), with a provision for indicating any special hazards. for the compound chloroform, the nfpa symbol is represented by:

use the internet resources and determine what each color represents?
what do the numbers denote in terms of the health category?
identify three or more chemicals and/or reagents in your home or garage and classify them based on the nfpa symbol.
record all information in your laboratory notebook.
answer the following questions:
have you ever walked into your local home improvement store and requested an msds (material safety data sheet)? using internet resources such as those through osha (http://www.osha.gov/), respond to the following questions:
what are the major sections of an msds?
an msds is extremely important in an occupational setting when a worker is continuously exposed to a particular chemical. which sections and what information are provided to etter evaluate exposure levels and more safely prepare a person to use personal protection equipment?
why is it advisable to review an msds when you or a family member decides to paint the interior of your home?
what are the four major routes of entry in which chemicals are absorbed into the body?
use google or another internet search engine to search two chemicals you may routinely use. include the chemical name and “msds” as your search terms. review the chemicals you have selected and record any health concerns related to these chemicals in your laboratory notebook.
include a title page and the following sections in your final laboratory report:
brief introduction
materials and method
cited references from peer review sources
min 2 pages
format in apa these will be check for plagiarism before approval
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