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m5--how legislation affects dh profession
visit the american dental hygienist’s association advocacy webpage and become familiar with the advocacy issues that affect the dental hygiene profession: and locate a bill that interests you that is being introduced or has been introduced to the legislature. introduce the proposed bill by summarizing it, explain what it is proposing and how, in your opinion, it will affect the profession of dental hygiene in the state that it is being introduced in, tell how it will affect access to care and health care delivery, describe who the bill will benefit (patients, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants etc. note that this may be more than one answer), and anything else that you feel is important to explain about the bill. each bill may only be introduced once by one student, so early posting is recommended. if you duplicate a bill that has already been presented you will either need to re-post with a new bill or you will not earn points for this discussion. remember to cite your source in-text and with a full reference.

swot analysis of health professional licensing
licensure or certification requirements that must be met to practice a health profession are considered by some to be similar to those in franchising. in a three-four page, double spaced paper, provide a swot analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) on the licensing or certification requirements for healthcare professionals in the u.s. to what degree are professional licensure and/or accreditation required for purposes of protecting the public’s health, and to what degree are they required for purposes of protecting entry into the highly competitive field of healthcare? this paper is not to be specific to any profession, but it is to discuss in general the role of licensing and regulation. use at least three published sources to support your views. as a reminder the title page and reference page are not included in the page count. review the rubric so you are aware on how you will be graded for this paper.
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