health literacy

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become familiar with apa: the easy way! apa is the required way to reference your material in this course. read/glance through the book so that you will understand how to use it as a reference guide so that you will know how to look up your different sources that you will use in this course.
1-watch “health literacy and patient safety: help patients understand”. the video can be accessed on youtube and is ~23 minutes long.
2- read “health literacy” by the national network of libraries of medicine:

after watching the “health literacy and patient safety: help patients understand” post on the discussion board your initial thoughts and reaction—were you surprised? has this ever happened to you? do you have a personal story to share on health literacy? after reading “health literacy” include in your discussion post how will you apply this into your clinical setting? what grade level should you use when speaking to patients or writing patient instructions? what risks will help flag a patient for low health literacy? do some outside research and learn approximately how many different languages are spoken in the united states. remember to always support your initial posting with published documents using correct apa in-text citations and full references. full points will not be earned without supporting your post with published sources.
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