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Project Description:

project description: 1. choose two national health care systems, new zealand and ireland compare and contrast the two systems on the following variables:
• how is each system financed?
• what percentage of gdp is spent on each system?
• what is the rate of increase or decrease in annual health care spending?
• how is the system run? for example is it mostly operated as private business or government run or both? provide examples.
• describe and compare health care utilization for each country on such metrics as hospital and prescription medication utilization
• discuss and describe health metrics such as 5-year cancer survival rates, dialysis utilization per 1000, infant mortality or life expectancy.
2. the value problem in the us health care system
• define what is meant by the value problem in the us health care system.
• how is this manifested?
• how is this expressed in the percentage of the gdp that is allocated to health care?
• why is this a problem?
• what is disruptive innovation and how can it impact this problem?
• provide examples of how disruptive innovation can solve this problem.
content expectations
• the response to these questions should be no less than 3 pages per question.
• please use apa format, including an apa formatted title page and reference page. there should be at least three citations per questio
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