healthsouth scandal and how sarbanes-oxley act applies

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project description: hi christine !!!

i was very pleased with the last project, so i thought i may ask for your assistance on another paper. i need to write another 9 - 10 page paper in regards to the sarbanes-oxley act and how it applied to the healthsouth scandal that happened in the early 2000's. this class is a very high level class and needs to be written at a high level of english writing style and grammar usage. we are expected to use apa 6th edition for the paper format. which also means all in paragraph citations and references listed on the last page have to be within the apa 6th edition format.
i am attaching the outline for my paper as well as some of the references i have already researched. you may add any other references that you would like to use as well.
i need this project completed and back to me by tuesday, september 8, 2015. i was in hopes to keep it in line with the same price as before, $50. is this possible ???

vickie kirkpatrick
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