healthy foods farms grows organic vegetables and sells them to

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healthy foods farms grows organic vegetables and sells them to local restaurants after processing. the firm's leading product is salad-in-a-bag, which is a mixture of organic green salad ingredients prepared and ready to serve. the company sells a large bag to restaurants for $20. it calculates the variable cost per bag at $16 (including $1.50 for local delivery). the average cost per bag is $17.50. because the vegetables are perishable and healthy foods farms is experiencing a large crop, the firm has extra capacity. a representative of a restaurant association in another city has offered to buy fresh salad stock from the company to augment its regular supply during an upcoming international festival. the restaurant association wants to buy 2,500 bags during the next month for $18 pet bag. delivery to restaurants in the other city will cost the company $2 per bag. it can meet most of the order with excess capacity but would sacrifice 400 bags of regular sales to fill this special order. please assist healthy foods farms' management by answering the following questions. required a. using differential analysis, what is the impact on profits of accepting this special order? b. what nonquantitative issues should management consider before making a final decision? c. how would the analysis change if the special order were for 2,500 bags per month for the next five years?
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