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i am a student who started a clothing line while recovering from a brain surgery. the company's name is trillmatic premium goods ( it's more than just a clothing line. i have all sorts of different products, ranging from hats and t-shirts, to flash drives, coasters, phone cases, etc. i started it as a streetwear line, but i'm thinking about making the second line more "grown up". the idea behind it is still the same - limited edition premium goods. all products will be released in rather small batches (50-200, depending on the product), whoever gets the item first gets it. the shirts are currently only 50 made per color, per design, and will never get re-printed, no matter how fast they sell out. this way only a certain amount of people will have the item, making it truly exclusive. i am looking for somebody who can help me get my line to the next level. i need help promoting the website, the fb page, twitter account, instagram and just the brand in general, as well as product distribution. depending on how you can help me, we can negotiate the pay.
to sum it all up, i need somebody to show me how to get more traffic to the website, how to get more twitter, fb, instagram followers, how to set up so i can e-mail people flyers, ads, etc, like other companies do (promo e-mails as well as a subscription), and just to get my brand's name out there. any help with distribution and anything else related will help. i am also looking for graphics/fashion designers who can design graphics for tees as well as "cut'n'sew". if any brands want to collaborate, feel free to contact me.
btw, i have a bunch of iphone 4/4s and 5/5s i need to get rid off while people still have them:) if you can help in any way, i would really appreciate it!
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