henrik ibsen’s : a doll house

Project Description:

answer each question in thorough paragraphs. use examples (lines or scenes) to support your answers.

1. discuss how this play is a breakthrough in modern drama.

2. discuss ibsen’s use of dramatic irony in this play.

3. identify nora’s and torvald’s fantasies and tell how these fantasies shape the play.

4. discuss the significance of past action in this play.

5. discuss the use of psychology and the subconscious in this play.

6 w ho is your favorite character in the play? why do you feel that way?

7. which character appeals to you the least? why do you feel that way?

8-10.there are many themes evident in this play. select three and tell how they are developed in a doll house.

nora’s search for self

heredity and disease in a doll house

nora and torvald as symbols of male and female

society and the individual in this play

appearance and reality

how the present is “pregnant” with the past” in the play

the theme of death

women in a masculine world

truth as constructive and destructive in the play
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