herman miller inc. in 2012: an ongoing case of reinvention

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complete a comprehensive apa formatted paper that includes a thorough analysis of the following questions. the first part of the final project is to be performed on the herman miller inc. in 2012: an ongoing case of reinvention case in the text on page c-332.

1. what does the five-forces analysis reveal about the strength of competition in the u.s. office furniture industry?

2. what factors are critical to success in the u.s. office furniture industry?

3. develop a competitive strength assessment of four major competitors (including herman miller) in the u.s. office furniture industry using the methodology presented in chapter 4. based on the results, who is in the strongest overall competitive position? who is in the weakest position?

4. what is herman miller’s strategy? which of the five generic competitive strategies discussed in chapter 5 most closely fit the competitive approach that herman miller is taking? what type of competitive advantage is herman miller trying to achieve?

5. what does a swot analysis of herman miller reveal about the overall attractiveness of its situation?

6. what is your overall appraisal of herman miller’s financial performance?

7. what recommendations would you make to herman miller’s senior management to improve upon its reinvention strategy?

8. what evidence do you find in this case, either explicitly or implicitly, that indicates that herman miller has a mission, core values, or is practicing decision-making that would comport with a christian worldview?
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