history four great revolutions in thought

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from your reading of selections from plato, the buddha, the bible, laozi, and confucius, and your reading about these and other writers , how do you think these authors would answer the question “what is the ideal life of a person?” how would their answers differ? what points of similarity might they enjoy? what differences strike you as most interesting? what points of contact strike you as most surprising? can the positions be reconciled? if we got representatives of the various schools of thought together—if we gathered up socrates, confucius, the buddha, laozi, and moses and locked them up together—could they negotiate a compromise, a universal system of thought on which they could all agree?

please use the attached files to help you complete the task.
2-3 pages would be fine just make sure it all makes sense. please make sure you know how to do this before you take the job. there are many attached files that need to be read before completing this task.

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