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this is for history of art course.

during the early roman empire, political ideas of the god‑king came into rome from the eastern segments of the growing empire and gradually transformed both the conception and depiction of the emperor and the emperor's power. this transformation allowed the emperors (caesars) to assume power and control of the empire. it was vital to the interests of the empire that the emperor was perceived as an individual of unquestioned character and ability.

use the sculpture of augustus from primaporta, italy (linked below in attachment) to discuss how portraiture was used to convey divine power, ancestry, and individuality in the roman empire and how does this compare with the sculptures from ancient greece? mention at least 4 (similarities) and 4 (differences)?

i need two different posts that talks about this (one for me and for my friend 450 words each) addressing below task for my history of art class. if you are not familiar with the topic please don't contact me.
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