history of art 2

Project Description:

james reed exhibition
please write (500 words)
write a response essay to the exhibition, “the gazers: selections from the collection of james reed.” , from this link www.newhaven.edu/18391/

in your essay, consider the following points and questions:

1. in your own words, describe the main themes and ideas presented by the curator. what art did the curator select and why? what unifies the selection of artworks?

2. outline the range of examples presented in the exhibition and discuss them as a group. consider: artists, medium, period, and style, among others elements.

3. select one to two artworks and explain how they fulfill the thesis of the exhibition.

4. offer praise or criticisms of the exhibition. has the curator selected a relevant topic, presented a coherent thesis and successfully elaborated on this idea by selecting the appropriate artwork? avoid stating whether or not you liked the exhibition or the artwork – as this does not offer a response based on analysis or critical thinking.


deadline 15 hours
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