history of art 2

Project Description:

select one artwork from the exhibition. describe its content and suggest a meaning while using key vocabulary terms (formal analysis).


- take notes in front of the object: recognize your initial impressions (what you like/dislike), but quickly move on to the composition (what is being depicted).

- take a photograph of the artwork and the accompanying information.

- it may be helpful to orient yourself with the artist and her work through research, however this is not a research paper.


in your essay, consider the following points and questions:

1. in your own words, describe the main themes and ideas presented by the curator. what art did the curator select and why? what unifies the selection of artworks?

2. outline the range of examples presented in the exhibition and discuss them as a group. consider: artists, medium, period, and style, among others elements.

3. select one to two artworks and explain how they fulfill the thesis of the exhibition.

4. offer praise or criticisms of the exhibition. has the curator selected a relevant topic, presented a coherent thesis and successfully elaborated on this idea by selecting the appropriate artwork? avoid stating whether or not you liked the exhibition or the artwork – as this does not offer a response based on analysis or critical thinking.

the attachment below: i only want two the one on the left and the one on the write not the middle one.

the left: "these dreams" by william mccarthy,
the right: "terminal" by hank paper
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