history of some of the events of the late twentieth century.

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your task this week is to do an interview and write an oral history of some of the events of the late twentieth century. it is so easy to forget how time is relative. people born today will have no 'live' memory of the marathon bombings in boston. students of 18 or 19 will have distant memories, if any, of the september 11, since they would have been 5 or 6 when it happened.

your task: interview someone who is old enough to remember events(no one who was not at least 20 in the year 2000) from 1975-2000 and ask them what they think is the most important event or series of events of this period . remember, by 1975 the vietnam war was over and president nixon had resigned, so those are not up for discussion. write a short essay of 250-500 words describing your interview and what your subject has to say. if the person is a relative or well known to you, tell us that too. once you have posted your own essay, comment on two others. this should be a fun exercise!

posting checklist:
1) did i have a topic sentence that answered the question or addressed the rubric? did i draw a conclusion at the end of my post?
2) did i give at least two examples, using evidence from the assigned readings?
3) did i check to make sure that my post was clearly written in complete sentences and organized into paragraphs? did i spell check?
4) did i cite my sources (here, just mention the name of the relevant document of page of the textbook. you will not need to do outside research for this course)?

voyages in world history: volume 1i: since 1500, brief edition with mindtap & voyages app. brief edition. valerie hansen and kenneth r. curtis. wadsworth cengage, 2013.
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