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in light of the events surrounding edwin snowden, who leaked classified information about the national security agency's mining of online and phone data, do you believe that the federal government and our intelligence agencies been given too much authority? if so, please provide your opinion and cite examples.
response 1
while i’ll be the first to admit i might have a controversial opinion on this matter, i would argue they do not have too much authority. conversely, they have the right amount of authority. to justify this we first need to look at how this perceived invasion of privacy occurred. assume the premise is true that the national security agency (nsa) does indeed mine your digital data and phone records. all of this information would be in a very raw form stored in massive quantities, which would be impossible to manually comb through. with an overwhelming amount of information accumulated, how would the nsa use it? the only feasible way is with some automation, some form of key terms associated with nefarious acts or patterns. essentially the only way you would end up on the radar of the nsa is if you exhibit a set of parameters of known insurgent activity. is the average citizen going to fall into this category? absolutely not! is their data being store? if the premise is true, then yes. the storage of private data without directly accessing it isn’t the worst abuse of authority when what is gained far surpasses the desire for privacy. i understand why people want privacy, but this isn’t a matter of other people reading all of your emails, texts, and listening to phone calls. no one has time for that. the successes of programs like this are surely quiet. obviously these programs would be secretive in nature and since they’re rarely acknowledged, they’re not going to speak of their successes. ultimately, countering the threat of terrorism at the cost of someone archiving some personal data is well worth it. what do i or the average citizen have to hide?

response 2
;on one hand, we want the government to protect us at almost any cost, but on the other we also don’t want our constitutional rights violated.  with this in mind, i do feel the federal government has too much authority.  with the large amounts of data they are collecting what is stopping them from running algorithms to find drug dealers and not terrorists?  the simple answer is there isn’t.  the government can and has used this data for other means than to extract terrorist activity.
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