homeland security

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im paying 15 because this task is short

1 question should be around 1-2 paragraphs with good explanation + 4 question to my friend response in the attachment
and also final policy paper its just an short paragraphs about what you gonna write about
dont write essay now ill tell you when

1- explain how you think the threat of terrorism and the hazards associated with terrorism have impacted the practice of emergency management in the united states at all levels of government including federal, state and local.

please let me know if you andrestant question 3

3)- security survey site approval
post your security survey site location here for approval

for question #4 u have to choose any 2 topic that my teacher will approve for the essay in the next week so he need to check if the topics are good and you need to choose any 2 topic and write a short paragraphs

4- please choosse any 2 topic but look u only need to write a short paragrpash just identifying the topic you will write next week just an sample

final policy paper topic: complete by the end of week 1

select a topic for the final policy paper and provide a brief overview of the topic.

each student will be asked to produce a final policy paper. the paper must describe a homeland security public policy issue of the student’s choice; however, the topic must be pre-approved. for this week's task, please write and submit a paragraph identifying your topic.

the paragraph should include the specific homeland security policy you will explore and a rationale of why you selected that topic. examples of topics could include, but are not limited to; cybersecurity/evolution of federal policy making; school safety/active shooter training, immigration reform/border security, lessons learned by fema from recent natural disasters and the growing concern of intelligence vs. privacy. i will then review your submission and provide you with feedback and approval.

as detailed in the syllabus, the paper must be typed and double-spaced and be between 8 to 10 pages of text, excluding the cover page, notes, and references pages and will be due at the end of the semester.
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