homeland security

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1)-write a thesis statement and outline for the final policy paper
2)-look for scholarly research that might support your assertions. are the statements that you make supported by facts? cite these sources.
you may be able to find case study examples that support positions. be sure to present a balanced assessment.

one aspect apart from freezing the terrorist assets, military, improving the intelligence gathering among others that is being overlooked today, is the immigration and border control. currently, it’s notable that; most of the security threats to the united states originate from immigrants. thus it’s clear that the immigration policies which include; issuance of permanent and temporary visas, how the border is controlled among others needs to be looked upon in order to reduce any chance of future attacks occurring. it’s notable that; most of the immigrants that are a threat to the security are in the country legally. therefore, immigration laws need to be looked upon.

in the earlier days, schools were considered to be safe heavens. however, the security procedures have been heightened due to increased security threats. it’s important that the current crisis of terrorism should be addressed by sound planning policies. the staffs in schools should be adequately trained and at the same time updated on the current procedures. the facilities in schools need to be improved. the facilities include signage, fences, and gates. others include the technology and the school data. the schools need to be well prepared for any emergency cases. the communication needs to be enhanced too. the schools need to be vigilant and to be wary of any suspicious activities. the government and the curriculum developers need to do something to help the schools prevent the terrorist threat.

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