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homewor:the following business transactions were completed by ampere realty during november 2010:
nov. . paid rent on office for month, $3,000.
2. purchased office supplies on account, $1,000.
5. paid annual insurance premiums, $2,400.
10. received cash from clients on account, $25,000.
15. purchased land for a future building site for $90,000, paying $10,000 in cash and giving a note payable for the remainder.
17. paid creditors on account, $2,910.
20. returned a portion of the office supplies purchased on november 2, receiving full credit for their cost, $200.
23. paid advertising expense, $1,250.
27. discovered an error in computing a commission; received cash from the salesperson for the overpayment, $400.
28. paid automobile expense (including rental charges for an automobile), $900.
29. paid miscellaneous expenses, $450.
30. recorded revenue earned and billed to clients during the month, $31,750.
30. paid salaries and commissions for the month, $13,500.
30. withdrew cash for personal use, $1,000.
1.journalize the transactions for november in a two-column journal. journal entry explanations may be omitted.
2. prepare an unadjusted trial balance of the ledger as of november 30,2010.
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