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write out the partial orbital diagram, the full electron configuration and the condensed electron configuration for the following elements:

example: na


describe the following trends in terms of the directions the trends follow on the periodic table:

atomic size
ionization energy
electron affinity

chlorine is a highly reactive liquid, while argon is an inert gas. explain this difference based on their electron configurations.

draw the lewis structures for the following compounds.





describe the octet rule in your own words.

define electronegativity. describe the trend of electronegativity across the periodic table. how does electronegativity influence bond polarity?

predict the shapes of the following molecules

a. nh3 __________________

b. cf4 __________________

c. h2s __________________

d. nh4+ __________________

classify each molecule as polar or non-polar

a. h2o __________________

b. ch3oh ___________________

c. nh3 __________________

d. cf4 _________________

calculate the formal charge of be in the compound becl2.

draw three possible resonance structures for no3.

gas law practice problems

perform the following pressure conversions:

5 atm to torr

40.5 in. hg to torr

780 torr to atm

1,000.00 pa to atm

a sample of gas has an initial volume of 10.0 l and a pressure of 760 torr at 280 k. if the temperature is increased to 390 k and the volume is increased to 15.0 l, what is the new pressure of the gas?

what is the pressure of 2 moles of argon gas in a 5.0 l flask at a temperature of 300 k?

a mixture of three gases (h2, o2 and n2) has a total pressure of 5.0 atm. what is the partial pressure of the h2 gas if the pressure of o2 is 2.5 atm and the pressure of the n2 gas is 1.5 atm?

quantum practice problems

define heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
describe the wave-particle duality of matter and energy in your own words.
name and define the three major quantum numbers and what they describe about an electron.
describe the bohr model of the atom and its limitations.
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