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due date: oct. 10 (wednesday), 2012 (usa time est)


you will need to implement several functions and use one makefile to generate an execution file called nexthigher, which will find the next higher number with the same digits for a given number. for example, you have been given a number 86397, the output should be 86739.

the procedure is described as follows:
1.scan the digit from right to left, and find the first digit lower than the one next to it on the right side, called pivot point. take the number 86397 as an example, 3 is the pivot point which is lower than 9.
2.swap the pivot digit with the lowest digit on the right side. in this case, 3 would be swapped with 7.
3.sort the digit(s) on the right side of the pivot point in ascending order.

list of functions/files (you must implement using c or c++ language)

sortnumber.c: sort each individual digit of a number in ascending order.

findnexthigher.c: find the next higher number.

main.c: the entry point of the entire program.

after all the implementation files are done, you will need to create a makefile to compile all the codes at once and generate the execution file called nexthigher.

by typing the command

./ nexthigher inputnumber

the program should print out the next higher number of the inputnumber.

please, see deadline in american time (eastern), let me know!
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