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is only 4 question 1. technology competency. when jvc company of america, an audio and visual equiment manufacturer, decided to explore sales force automation (sfa) with its 200-plusreps, mostly working from their homes, it asked them two questions: “what would you like to have on your desk at home?” and “what questions do you get asked?” jvc reps wanted to be able to provide answers to their customers’ queries about purchase
orders and inventory. jvc implemented a software program that lets reps download that
information from a mainframe every day, providing them with instant information and saving them considerable time in having to call headquarters and customers the next day. what did jvc do right in this sfa effort, and what other things could they have
done to ensure a successful sfa implementation? for more on jvc company, visit the company’s home page at www.jvc.com.

2. team-building competency. goldmine software corporation is a leading developer of software solutions for sales and marketing teams. firms like goldmine that sell complex analytical software are relying more on sales teams to work with customers, partly because a single salesperson can never know everything about the product. nonetheless, companies have found it difficult to transition to a sales team-selling effort from a more traditional model. what are some of the problems that goldmine is likely to encounter with a team sales operation? for more information on goldmine software corporation,visit the company’s home page at www.goldminesw.com.

3. coaching competency. which sales force situation do sales executives prefer?
• average salespeople and an excellent manager
excellent salespeople and an average manager

4. strategic action competency. carter diamond tool has been a leader in manufacturing and has been designing high-quality synthetic and natural diamond cutting tools and dressers since 1920. until recently, it employed ten salespeople to call on accounts.
dissatisfied with the results, carter diamond discharged all ten in favor of eight independent manufacturer’s representatives. (manufacturer’s reps are not employed by the company; they sell for a number of companies.) the reps in this case sold other industrial products along with the precision line to the same customers. immediately, sales began to increase, old business was retrieved, and new accounts were acquired. what possible reasons might explain this? what are the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturer’s
reps compared to an in-house sales force? for more on carter diamond tool, visit its
home page at www.carterdiamond.com.
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