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students will write two paragraphs describing topics mention in the classroom discussions held on 1/26/2015 and 2/2/2015 regarding the effects of technology on social media, healthcare education, law enforcement and business. paragraphs will be formatted as follows any business font 11 pt. paragraph will be single spaced and no shorter than five sentences.

paragraph number three students will identify this by using a title text, which is centered no larger than 14pt. font. in this paragraph you will define the components found it inside the computer and the components found outside the computer (please refer to chapter 2 of technology today). please make sure that you are formatted in the same manner as the first two paragraphs.

the fourth and final paragraph is opinion based regarding the topic the disadvantages of the advancements in technology as it influences our culture today. your responses can be based on jobs lost, businesses that lose money or the manner that business is conducted in response to the advances in technology. please use the same format required for the other paragraphs.
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