task for western humanities tradition: power and authority

Project Description:

your writing task for hum211-14 is to do the following:

1. choose one of these paintings and find its image online -- where do we come from, what are we...? by paul gauguin or the county election, 1852 by george caleb bingham

2. write a one-paragraph statement about the painting that answers the following questions:

a. what is the name of the painting and who is the artist?

b. when was it created?

c. is the painting an example of realism, romanticism, or symbolism? why do you think so?

d. how does the painting relate to humanities 211?

2. your paragraph must be typed, double-spaced, and emailed to me no later than monday, april 28, 6 pm.

3. the writing will be graded according to the following criteria:

a. did the writer follow directions?

b. how well did the writer make use of specific examples to support her or his main idea?

c. how well did the writer make use of correct grammar, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, college-level writing skills?

d. did the writer provide a title for the paragraph? how effective is the title?

e. is there evidence of creative and/or analytical thinking?

ps. 2-3 pages
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