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residents of green acres, a gated community located in the city of foothills, voted to form a local improvement district to fund the construction of a neighborhood park. the city agreed to administer the bonded debt; however, residents of green acres are soley responsible for repaying the bond issue. the following events are related to the special assessment park debt:
1. on january 1, 2014, the city assessed levies totaling $5,000,000 on properties within green acres. the levies are payable in 10 equal annual installments, beginning in the current year, with 5 percent interest due on unpaid installments.
2. all assets associated with the current years installment were collected by december 31, 2014, as was the interest due on the unpaid installments.
3. on january 1, 2015, the first principal payment of $500,000 was made to bondholders as was interest on the debt.
a .what type of fund should the city of foothills use to account for the special assessment debt?
b. make journal entries for each of the foregoing events for the city.
c. how would this fund be reported in the city of foothills' financial statement?
d. how would the special assessment debt be recorded in the city of foothills' financial statements?
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