how does culture impact ethics in the workplace?

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recommendations for hdl 625 research paper:
1. the format for your paper should include the following sections:
· cover page
· introduction
· why is this topic relevant in your career field?
· why is this topic of interest to you?
· statement of the problem
· what is the ethical/legal issue?
· why is this issue causing conflict in decision making?
· supporting research
· what foundational legal/ethical principles, models and/or theories should be considered when evaluating solutions?
· how does your problem relate to other case studies found in the research?
· recommendations
· describe 3-5 strategies for resolving the issue at hand.
· describe strategies to reduce risk for future dilemmas of this type
· references
· cite reference list by apa format
2. choose reliable peer-reviewed sources for research
· do not cite wikipedia as a source
· choose peer reviewed journal articles
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