how the ever changing concepts of separation of duties are ensuring quality management in the it world.

Project Description:

please submit an outline of your research paper. for week two, you only need to submit your outline as the example illustrates below. sample research paper outline (outlined with tips from your rubric in the syllabus for writing the paper).

i. introduction
(the introduction clearly states the main topic and previews the structure of the paper.)

a. purpose statement
b. statement of the problem or research question
c. significance of the study

ii. main topic
(details are placed in a logical order and correspond to the structure presented in the introduction.
(information clearly relates to the main topic. it includes several supporting details and/or examples.)
(supporting research studies and/or reports are research-based and accurately reported.)

a. sub points
b. sub points
c. sub points

iii. conclusion
(the conclusion effectively summarizes the discussion and provides at least two recommendations for further research.)

a. review of the problem or research question
b. summary of literature review
c. recommendations based on the literature review

vi. references
(all sources (information and graphics) are accurately documented in apa)

a. source 1
b. source 2
c. source 3
submission instructions: submit your completed tasks!
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