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1. open notepad.
2. do a file save as
3. make sure the you have the dropdown for filetype as "all files".
4. save your file as resume.html (make sure you add the dot html)
5. open your browser.
6. do a file open (browse for the file resume.html) select it.
7. your browser displays a blank screen at this time.
8. click over to your notepad.
9. type <html><head><title>resume for your name</title></head>
10. do a file save.
11. click back over to your browser.
12. refresh. (you still see a blank screen but now you see resume of your name in the tab of your browser.
13. go back to notepad.
14. type <body bgcolor=yellow text=red><h1><center>your name resume</center></h1>
15. do a file save.
16. go back to the browser and refresh. you should see the text at the top of the yellow page.

this gets you started. keep going back and forth between the notepad and the browser and update you page using the html notes.

this are the instructions that she posted.
attached you'll find the instructions for whole task. i want the extra credit part done too.
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