huec 301 – fundamentals of family financial planning

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there are a wide variety of possible approaches to analyzing, evaluating, and developing recommendations in the financial planning process. there are also a number of assumptions to consider. review the attached task. complete the questions in accordance with the evaluation criteria for task tasks listed in the course syllabus.

huec 301 – fundamentals of family financial planning
the planner, in consultation with the client, must establish reasonable assumptions, especially where projections will be used to determine if a goal can be achieved. address the following questions:
1. what are the assumptions that the financial planner and client need to consider when developing a comprehensive financial plan.
2. identify the seven approaches to financial planning analysis and recommendations.
3. explain why using any single approach will not likely be adequate to develop a comprehensive financial plan. which approaches are more likely to be used by an experienced financial planner and why.
4. what types of information are usually gathered and analyzed by the financial planner when using the life cycle approach?
5. identify the three phases of the life cycle approach along with each phase’s likely risks and goals.
6. compare and contrast the life cycle approach to the pie chart approach, the financial statement & ratio analysis approach and the strategic approach. based on where you are in the life cycle, which of these approaches would be most useful to you and why. be specific.
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