human geaograhy; annotated bibiography

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i.annotated bibliography

for this task, you will provide citations and annotations for a minimum of four sources that you will use in your research for your paper. of your four sources, all should be academically appropriate, and at least one should be a book in print, and one should be from an academic journal (preferably peer-reviewed). for each source, you should provide:

•a complete citation (in mla or apa format - choose one, and be sure to be consistent throughout the project and paper).

•a one-paragraph summary of the source, in your own words. your summary needs to be concise, but also must give the reader a sense of the scope, topics, and main arguments of the source.

•a one-paragraph assessment of the source. is it useful for your research? how will it help you answer your research question? how does it compare with other sources in your bibliography? is the information reliable? is this source biased or objective?

here’s some background information on annotated bibliographies:

here’s a sample of an annotated bibliography:

here’s some background information on evaluating sources:

here’s a guide to mla and apa formatting:
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