human geography research paper

Project Description:

i.research proposal

your research proposal consists of these parts:

1.what is the topic you want to explore, what you want to find out about it, and why you are interested in this particular topic?

2.what is the research question that will focus your investigation?

3.what are two sources that may be useful in your research?

choosing your topic

you should choose a topic that is central to the study of human geography. review the text for potential topics. you should discuss your topic idea with the instructor prior to the task deadline to be sure you are on the right track.

once you choose your topic, you should also include a paragraph describing why you are interested in the topic and what you want to find out about it.

the research question

the topic you pick is likely to be very broad, so you need a particular question to research and answer. your research question narrows and focuses your topic into something compelling and researchable.

take a look at this site for examples of good (and not-so-good) research questions:

preliminary research citations

it’s important that your research topic and question have sources available for research. in your annotated bibliography and final paper, you’ll be asked to provide a minimum of four academically appropriate sources. for your proposal, provide citations (in mla or apa format) for two academically appropriate sources (books, journals, periodicals, websites of ngos that provide analysis and/or research, etc.). ask the instructor or your campus librarian if you are unsure if a source is academically appropriate.

here’s a guide to mla and apa formatting:
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