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hello there! i have two tasks for you to do.they are both due tomorrow or sat. if you're busy and same one pg. the first one is on human services below is the info. let me know. i will send you the other in a few.

assessing and finding resources for human service cases
(use complete sentences and paragraphs) the following case descriptions.
2.assess the information you have about each person or family. write out observations about the cases.
3.decide which problems need to be worked on first, second, third, etc.
4.find resources for these consumers. consider geographic location, cost, types of service, etc. list name, address, telephone number, and service provided for each resource the consumer needs.
5.discuss how you chose a particular service. why was it appropriate? where did you find out about it? (you may use services other than the directory for this question.)
6.if you cannot find a service, you have discovered a “gap in services”. what kind of organization do you recommend to address the “gap in service” issue?
7.look up any terms you do not understand.

case a:
mr. a and his family are political refugees from ethiopia who have recently arrived in your city. mr. a and wife have 4 children ages 4, 9, 12, and 15. they live in an apartment near grand and i-44. the family needs to learn english. mr. a needs a job, mrs. a wants contact with other refugees from ethiopia, and the children need shoes and clothes for school. they have no car and must rely on public transportation.

case b:
margaret is a single parent with two preschool children. she has an adequate job and can pay for a daycare center. she is very worried about how to choose a good one. she has very little time to visit centers. she lives in the northern part of the city. what organization can tell her what to look for in a good center? find at least two licensed centers she might try for her 2- and 4-year olds.

case c:
joan has been married 10 years and has three children ages 4, 6, and 8. the 6- and 8-year old children are having behavior problems at school and bedwetting at home. joan’s husband has always drunk heavily and joan has accepted it, but now she is beginning to see that his behavior is becoming more aggressive toward her and the children. she wants a better life for their family before it is too late. she also wants to know how to cope with the aggression.
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