i need a research paper it is due in a few hour!!! 7am exactly

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hey i need someone to write a research paper on heavens gate
due date: tuesday, may 20, 2014
length: 5-6 pages, mla format

worth: 25% of final grade

choice one:
choose one of the following cults:

heaven's gate

you are to research the history of the cult and answer the basic questions about it. what was this cult? when was is formed? who was the leader? what did they believe? how did they get followers? etc. your information must come from reliable sources found through academic search complete, lexis-nexis academic, sage, and ebrary - all found on our library homepage. you must use at least 3 different sources in the paper, and they should come from the sources you presented on your annotated bibliography. you are also free to use films you may find in addition to your articles.

once you present the information on the cult, you are to then analyze how what we see in the cult reflects one or more of the concepts we discussed throughout the semester. how does obedience fit in? conformity? group thinking? you must connect your research to our class concepts.
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