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1. irs has three formats of tax forms. those formats are: tax forms that are printed in hard copies and hand filled, tax forms that are filled by a pdf writer and printed, and tax forms that are filled and submitted through an online system. you are a senior it consultant at itguru inc. you are hired by irs to combine the three types of tax forms, and input the data on those forms to a centralized database. keep in mind that the first two formats are in hard copies. you have to figure out a way to convert them to an electronic format. due to the privacy concern, the data can not be transferred out of the united states. furthermore, you have to find a location (or locations) to host the central database. in order to reduce the internet traffic, a good strategy is always put the central database geographically near where the it projects will be developed. obviously a good place to find high quality it talents is silicon valley where earth quake happens from time to time.
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