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Project Description:

please respond demonstrating a knowledge of course material and marketing terminology and be specific. answer each question:

case study: the john potato chip company has been in business for 25 years. it has a good tasting potato chip that would be described as "original flavor". this is the only flavor it markets. over the past 8 months, john's has lost nearly 20% of its business with a like decrease in market share.

questions to be answered:

1. where on the product life cycle would you presently find john's...what would you do to change the plc position of john's potato chip co.

2. what would be two or three reasons for the recent downturn in market share

3. what would your recommendation be to help john's rebuild its share of the potato chip market:

a) discuss the type of research you would do to aid in directing john's;

b) define john's present the target market and how it may be changing

c) should johns go after a new market segment inorder to build revenue? if so, define the market segment indicate how you found the new market segment; if not why not go after a new market segment

d) based on what you strategically recommend, discuss the market penetration and or new product development strategy you will undertake

e) present a swot analysis that will support your overall strategy

the presentation will be judged on the following:

1) demonstrated ability to work through this case study

2) response to each question insofar as content provided

3) use of course material and course terminology

4) professionalism of written presentation

5. this written presentation should be at least 4 pages in length
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