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are intelligence and personality stable across adulthood and into old age?

then, review the psy101 outline and annotated bibliography template. your outline must be one to two pages in length. clearly identify the topic selected, and include major headings for the areas to be considered. the major areas include:
•a well-written introduction and conclusion with a succinct thesis statement.
•summarize your sources and analyze the findings from your research.
•discuss the key issues and controversies surrounding your selected topic.
•identify a variety of perspectives on the selected topic, so that the discussion is balanced and not one-sided.
•distinguish how cognitive and behavioral implications might play a role in your selected topic. what learning principles could factor in with the topic? what theories of motivation and personality could influence your insights into the topic?
•analyze any additional research that could be done in the future and provide solutions that could be implemented in the present regarding your selected topic.

under each major heading, summarize your point about that heading. subheadings should briefly summarize research that may both support and disagree with each viewpoint, if applicable. this outline will form your roadmap for creating your final paper.

in addition to your outline, submit a one- to two- page annotated bibliography of your scholarly sources for your final paper. each source must include the apa formatted citation as well as a summary paragraph. the summary paragraph should contain four to five well-developed sentences in your own words (do not use the abstract included with journal articles) summarizing the source and describing its applicability to your selected topic. examples of scholarly sources include: peer-reviewed journal articles, research studies, professional websites with authored material, and government websites.
for more in-depth assistance with your outline or annotated bibliography,
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