i want help in some little design in autocad or solidwork...

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hello brother , i would like you to do me a quick job with a charge , i have drawn a picture by my hand , it shows all the dimensions and the stress value , what i would like you do is that you need to use the given info ( height, width, thickness) to calculate the deminsions of the middle beam using solid work or autocad , i would like to give this as fast as possible as tomorrow is the deadline , please just use the given info to see what is the dimesnion is of the middle beam and how much is the stress on the side supporting beams , if its less than 7.2 ksi , then its good , but if its more please change the width , the heights and the thickness so it becomes less or equal to 7.2 ksi .. i am waiting for your help brother , please reply to me as fast as possible. waiting for your reply.

time deadline: 10 hours from now
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