i want to do number 4 which is the assessment and feedback meeting my client is 7/11 store

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my client is 7/11 store i already finished the proposal summary and contracting memo and data collection and i need 3 pages summery of the feedback meeting using checklists# 7 and # 8 as guidelines for the content. discuss what went well, what was difficult, how the client expressed their reactions and any changes you would make knowing what you know now? please be understanding everything or i am not gone hire you and you have to give me a good work
i attached you everything the proposal summery and contracting memo and datat conllection and i attached you sample of it i want to be like not copy it
also have to answer the checklists #7 and 8
agian my subject is about 7/11 and want to to number 4 the assessment of the feedback meeting.
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