idc costs - oil and gas

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sauer oil corporation, an integrated producer incurs idc costs in the following years as indicated. the idc amounts marked with an asterisk (*) relate to dry-hole idc.
date incurred/amount
3/12/20xa / 200,000
7/18/20xa / 300,000*
4/10/20xb/ 280,000*
11/2/20xb / 320,000*
2/1/20xc / 600,000
12/2/20xc / 150,000
3/4/20xd / 240,000
9/14/20xd / 180,000*

required: compute the amount that may be deducted for idc in the years 20xa, 20xb, 20xc, and 20xd.
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