identify a country and discuss its political, legal and economic systems and circumstances...

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identify a country (listed in the world fact book) and discuss its political, legal and economic systems and circumstances, with a view towards doing business with that country.

your analysis should emphasize economic data and trends, but also pay some limited attention to its form of government and legal system as they relate to doing business with that country. the analysis must focus on business-related rather than cultural topics and issues.

be sure to identify the country’s primary imports and exports and their sources and targets.

it may be useful to view this as an analysis a business might do in identifying a potential foreign partner country.

the last section of the paper must conclude with your own recommendations regarding how viable or attractive doing business with this country might be.

you must include a separate title page with your name and country selected. in addition, your paper must have at least the following headings: (1) introduction, (2) political system, (3) legal system, (4) economic analysis and (5) conclusions. the economic analysis section should be the longest and most-detailed.

the paper must be 8 - 10 double-spaced pages in length, well-written and clear.

use the following data source as a starting point:, world fact book. you must also use at least three other references: make sure to cite all you use.
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